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An eco-conscious lifestyle brand specially made to reduce single use plastic in everyday life.

More than 30,000 tonnes of single use plastic waste is dumped in landfills or into our oceans every single day. More than 54% percent of this plastic waste is due to the unwanted plastic we use for packaging. By making conscious changes to your daily routine, you can help reduce this number and the impact it has on the earth, drastically.

We carefully broke down the necessity for a plastic free world with the aim of introducing greener products into our ecosystem. This led us to imagine the future. One with a self reviving eco system, one with the necessary resources to sustain by controlling what is being fed into the system and also being conscious of what we put out as waste. Thus Down to Earth™ was born out of the sheer necessity to provide consumers with zero waste alternatives to products that they use everyday at home. We take our trash seriously because we strongly believe that the less trash we put out, the better it is for the future of our planet. Our planet is like a natural terrarium.

We, at Down to Earth™ are trying to revive our planet into a more self sustainable one.

After all, small changes made by millions of people, can transform the world.

Our Products:

All our products are handmade with no artificial preservatives in small batches every week. This may result in slight variations per batch, but no compromise on the quality of the products. We follow fair trade practise to source all our raw materially locally in considerable quantities at once, in order to reduce the carbon footprint during sourcing. We send our own steel containers and cardboard boxes for procurement where ever possible just to make sure there is no use of single use plastics by our suppliers while shipping raw materials to us. We do not use synthetic colours or fragrances in our products that are unwanted and harmful over prolonged use on the skin.

Our Zero Waste Packaging:

We offer completely zero waste packaging which is 99% plastic free. We believe in Reducing our packaging material and Reusing the containers as much as you can before you choose to Recycle them. We use minimal packaging for all our products because we strongly believe that less is always more. They are all either made of recycled cardboard boxes which are 100% compostable or glass bottles that can surely be reused to store jewellery or any other items of your choice at home or kitchen. You can also save our bottles and ship them back to us and earn reward points on further purchases. We use water activated paper tapes to seal our boxes used for shipping which are again 100% biodegradable. We wrap our glass bottles using paper bubble wrap to ensure they are shipped safely without any damages.

Take responsibility for your trash. Think before you throw.


An eco-conscious lifestyle brand specially made to reduce single use plastic in everyday life.
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